“Ms Hazrati and her team should be the first choice for anyone seeking assistance in case of migration with an unusual or complex condition. I’ve dealt with numerous migration group over the time I ‘ve wanted to make my desicion for migrating and I can honestly say, none are as professionally competent or care more about customer service than Ms Hazrati.
I have had the pleasure of working with Ms Hazrati on two separate occasions. She provided excellent level of service. I was kept informed of everything that was happening with my case. She outlined from the very beginning what my options were. The outcome on both cases were better than I anticipated. Words cannot express how tremendously grateful I am to Ms Hazrati for her sincere compassion and assistance during one of the most challenging times in my life.
Regardless of the time or the importance of my matter, every phone call and email was promptly and personally returned. With each circumstance that arose, Ms Hazrati gave practical advice and supplied necessary information to allow me to support my case. She guided me through the long process of migration. I am so pleased with the results and if it wasn’t for all of her team I would’t be where I am today.
Simply , lawyers like Ms Hazrati are truly and exceptionally rare. Though it goes without saying, I would never hesitate to use or refer her outstanding services in the future. Thank you Ms Hazrati.

Thank you again and keep up the great work!”

Azin E.

“Homa is the most professional and capable Immigration Lawyer I have come across in my life. She has an unparrelled understudying of Immigration laws and is a leader in her field. Homa has successfully lodged applications for myself, my brother, his wife and my parents to come and live in Australia. We are a large family unit finally settled in one country; and that is thanks to Home Hazrati.

Homa we are truly Grateful for all your support and guidance along the way.”

Nik L.

“Dear Ms. Hazrati,

My family and I appreciate so much for all your kind efforts during the process of becoming permanent resident of Australia.

I would not have been able to obtain such favorable results if without you, your experience, intelligence and expertise.

I thank you for all your hard work and patience with us. We are truly very happy and appreciative of your service.

This will be truly a big step not only for me but also for the future of my family. I am now so happy for my children living and studying in Australia in peace. You actually made my dreams come true.

I trust your knowledge, qualified experience, patience, hard work and your local influence are keys to any immigration case to be come true.

I would like to wish the best for you in your life and career.”

Atousa G.

“When I wanted to apply for my spouse visa I looked up a lot of solicitors and met up with them . They all quoted me outrageous fees and couldn’t guarantee that I get my visa.

Mrs Hazrati was great! Consultation was very informative, she told me about my options and we proceeded very quickly. I got my visa within three months of consultation.

I highly recommend Mrs Hazrati, she has the experience and knows different channels and the service is super friendly.”

Maryam F.

” It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Homa Hazrati to anyone who wants to support their immigration process with qualified, experienced and professionally registered agent.

Four Years ago, While I was thinking to apply for Australian permanent residency(Skilled worker-Sub 175), one of my friends who already is a Citizen of Australia, Introduced me to Homa as one of the most successful consultants in this area. My first priority was to finalize my application as fast as possible without any reworks or delays and finally, I got the Australian PR  and the process was very quick and smooth in compare to others.

During those days,I found her a brilliant, Hardworking and reliable and I will continue recommending her to all others the same as what my friend did to me.”

Arash A.

سرکار خانم حضرتی”
با سلام وتشکر
خواسته بودید که از نظراتم در مورد سرویس خودتان اگاه شوید بنا بر این چند نکته خدمتتان عرض می کنم
اول اینکه شما ثابت کردید واقعا به نفع موکل مرحله به مرحله پیش می روید مثلا در مورد ما اول با وتاسس چک کردید بعد از جواب این مرکز وارد مرحله بعدی شدید که این خیلی مهم واساسی بود ومسیر کار را خیلی مشخس کرد .بعدااین که شما توانستید در مدت زمان خیلی کوتاه (حدود 4 روز)با هماهنکی های لازم را انجام داده و اپلیکیشن های مختلف را به اداره دیاک بفرستید که این به تظرم فوق العاده بود بعلاوه در این مدت من بسیار از راهنمایی هاوتجارب شما در موردجمع اوری مدارک مختلف استفاده کردم ودر همه این موارد بسیار مفتخر هستم که شما را به عنوان وکیل انتخاب کردم..موردی که بنظرم باید قدری تامل کنید این است معمولا موکلین در ابتدا دارای ترس و واهمه ی اولیه هستند و انتظارقدری امید دارند(البته کاملا موافق با ندادن امید بیخودی هستم)ومحافظه کاری واحتیاط شما میتواند منجر به کاهش اعتماد موکلین بشود..درخاتمه برای جنابعالی و خوانواده محترم ارزوی سلامتی دارم.
شاد باشید

معبود م

Ms. Hazrati has thorough knowledge of the immigration system here in Australia. Her keen eye for detail and thoroughness are what I believe makes her so effective at what she does. She initially helped me with my student visa application and my relocation to Adelaide. She also took care of the entire application process for my permanent residence. She is very professional, experienced and also a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend her with confidence.

Amir A.

“When it comes to giving your immigration application to an agent, something which might worry you is that if s/he could care more than you on your case. Second, if s/he is proficient enough to deal with your case under any condition. Having considered the proficiency and honesty, I trusted Mrs Hazrati and left my application to her. It is fair to say she gives the best true advices, with regards to the individual cases. She is the best agent I could ever have”

Fatemeh B.

“Mrs Hazrati is professional,competent, caring, reliable,hard working, honest and conscientious. She always take the initiative to make sure her work is done exceptionally well and gets the best result better than you expect it due to her tremendous abilities, knowledge and skills in immigration law.
I have had the privilege of working with her and she made me feel comfortable and confident with her level of service. I would recommend Homa and her outstanding service to anyone needs simple or complicated immigration assistance as I never hesitate to chose her again in future if I need a capable and experienced immigration lawyer.
Best regards”

Shahrokh S.


سرکار خانم حضرتی

با سلام

من الان که روند انجام کار و اخذ اقامتم رو بررسی می کنم روزی که برای اولین بار اسم شما رو تو یکی از فروم های مهاجرت به استرالیا دیدم برام یادآوری می شود اون روز با توجه به زمان کمی که برای تهیه CDR و لاج کردن توسیستم داشتم شدیدا استرس داشتم و اصلا تصور هم نمی کردم که کمتر از یکسال بعد اقامت استرالیا رو بگیرم و آماده مهاجرت باشم. خوشحال هستم از اینکه اون روز علیرغم معرفی چندین نفر از وکلای مقیم تهران توسط دوستانم و حضور در جلسات مشاوره با برخی از آنها که حتی فقط صرف کار کردن برای یک وکیل مدعی انجام کلیه امور مهاجرتی بودن رفتم تو سیات MARA و ضمن چک کردن سوابق شما با شخص شما قرارداد بستم. تجربه شما در زمینه ارزشیابی مدرک تحصیلی و سابقه کاری و راهنمایی شما در زمینه پر کردن فرمها برای من بسیار ارزشمند بود.

تنها نکته ای که منو اذیت کرد اومدن ویزام 6 ماه زودتر از انتظارم بود(کمتر از یکسال از زمان لاج کردن) که باعث شد برنامه ریزی هام به هم بریزه چون دیگه داشتم از استرالیا نا امید می شدم
من از شما که با تجربه و احساس مسئولیت خویش موجبات رسیدن به اهداف و آرزوهایم را فراهم نمودید سپاسگزارم.



“I believe experience is the most essential factor of an immigration lawyer and If you wish to use someone’s experience for sure Ms Hazrati should be your first choice .All you need to do is not form filling but knowing some tiny important notes to mention when your works are under process and these can only be found in relationship with a skillful lawyer knowing mostly every detail points. I have had an unsuccessful experience of having contract with an inexperienced migration lawyer (before I get to know Ms Hazrati) and lost time and money with no success!

The second factor in this case would be trustworthiness and reliability. To be honest, to me this is the main reason of having a contract with Ms hazrati. As I have investigated before, I was  100% sure that I am not going to be cheated or received wrong information or becoming optimistic when there has been no chance.

Not putting you in a waiting list for a long time, my emails have been replied soon and made me feel more comfortable.

Thank you for all your assistance and wish to see you soon.”

Shaghayegh M.

<Feedback received on 2 September, 2015>


Dear Homa,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my true appreciation for all your efforts and support from preparation to submission of our visa application.

We are proud to have you as our Migrant Agent. It was extremely professional. We felt comforted by your experience and knowledge which, I believe experience, trustworthiness and reliability is the most essential factor of an Immigration Agent.  

It was obvious to me that you cared about the outcome almost as much as we did. You did everything you promised and more. I really appreciate everything that you’ve done for us and everything has gone so smoothly and so much faster than we expected. Without your expert advice and clear direction, it wouldn’t be successful. 

 I would recommend your outstanding service to anyone needs simple or complicated immigration assistance as I never hesitate to choose your service again in future if I need a capable and experienced Immigration Agent.

“I need to mention no wonder your service was most expensive, however, it is truly worth it”. I am glad for not choosing the cheap service.

Best regards,

سلام خانم حضرتی وقتتون بخیر
تقریبا حدود یک سا عت پیش ایمیل شما رو دیدم ولی بقدری هول بودم که نتونستم برای تشکر باهاتون تماس بگیرم .این موفقیت نتیجه تخصص و پشتکار جنابعالی است . اگر قرار باشه برای این موفقیت تبریکی گفته ببشه این حق شماست . بهتون تبریک میگم .از وقتی با شما کار کردم همیشه نتیجه بهتر از اونی که ما منتظرش بودیم شده .. اینجا اگر قرار باشه کاری یک ماهه حل بشه میگن یک هفته ای تمومه. اما شما همیشه ما رو آماده سخت ترین حالت کردید ولی نتیجه  خیلی بهتر از اون شد که ما منتظرش بودیم .ازتون سپاسگزارم . روش کارتون مورد  تقدیر و ستایش ماست و درس با ارزشی از شما گرفتیم .امیدوارم این روش که آنطور که من فهمیدم  تعهد ،تخصص ، سختگیری و صداقت  اصول آن هستند برای ما هم الگو باشد و بتوانیم در کاری که انجام میدهیم به آن عمل کنیم

با تشکر و احترام سمیرا ج

O. J. & M. E.

<Feedback received on 04/02/2016>